All about museums, including medical museums and curios.

Cromwell's Deathbed © Sophie Collard

Oliver Cromwell's House, Ely, England

Oliver Cromwell's family lived at what is now Oliver Cromwell's House before and during the English Civil War. As well as having excellent displays relating to the history of the period, it is supposedly haunted. Travel Darkly went to investigate...
Brains in jars © UCL, GMZ and Matt Clayton

The Grant Museum of Zoology, University Street, London

University College London's Grant Museum is near the main university building (where Jeremy Bentham's Auto Icon is displayed). The museum has jars of lizards, snakes and moles as well as a cloned domestic cat. Travel Darkly took a look inside...
The human skin book © Katherine Conlon

M Shed, Bristol, England

Boy meets girl, falls in love. Sadly the girl doesn't love the boy back. Boy finds out girl has a new boyfriend and throws a large stone at girl's head. Ends up hanged at Bristol's New Gaol. After his death, the whole affair is documented in a rather grisly book which can be visited at Bristol's M Shed...