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Early Police Museum illustration ILN 1883

The Crime Museum Uncovered, Museum of London

The Museum of London has worked with the Metropolitan Police to put previously unseen objects from Scotland Yard's grisly Crime Museum on display. Travel Darkly visits to find out more about some of these infamous artefacts and the stories around them...
Gravensteen Castle and Torture Museum

Gravensteen Castle and Torture Museum, Ghent, Belgium

This medieval castle in the middle of Ghent was once used as a prison, where those locked up were subjected to various methods of torture to confess to their crimes. Travel Darkly visits the castle's torture museum for thumb screws, stretching racks and unhappy dioramas...
Pitt Rivers Feather Skull Shelf

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford has one of the most interesting collections we've seen, from shrunken heads to a Ghanian fantasy coffin, it's not to be missed. Curator Helen took us on a tour...
The old operating theatre museum.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum, London

This unique space, in a church attic, houses one of the oldest operating theatres in Europe, and offers weekly demonstrations of surgery in the 19th century before anaesthetics and antiseptics. Travel Darkly visited to see what a leg operation involved circa 1822...
Looking out to IWM's exterior from the rather balmy top floor. © Sophie Collard

New First World War Galleries IWM London

The new First World War Galleries at the Imperial War Museum in London open 19th July 2014, with the reopening of Imperial War Museum itself. We interviewed James Taylor, the lead curator, about bringing this ambitious project to life as we walked around...
© University College London

Jeremy Bentham's Head and Auto-Icon, UCL, London

A flash of lightning as they cut the body of Jeremy Bentham, his head stolen and replaced... why not visit the Utilitarianism-toting philosopher preserved in his case at UCL? It's free. Travel Darkly spoke to curator Nick Booth about the man behind the, erm, man...