Reputedly haunted sights and how to visit them.

Room 29 Old Bell Haunted2

Derby's Haunted Pubs

Tales of murder at Room 29 in the Old Bell, an unidentified skull called George and a tour of the tunnels under the Guildhall with Most Haunted's Richard Felix. Here's Travel Darkly's guide to the haunted pubs of Derby...
Haunted Spirits

Millbank Prison, PoMs and the Morpeth Arms, London

Millbank Prison, which once overlooked the Thames, housed convicts destined for Australia. The building was demolished to make way for Tate Britain but some cells remain beneath the Morpeth Arms. Travel Darkly went to investigate...
Cromwell's Deathbed © Sophie Collard

Oliver Cromwell's House, Ely, England

Oliver Cromwell's family lived at what is now Oliver Cromwell's House before and during the English Civil War. As well as having excellent displays relating to the history of the period, it is supposedly haunted. Travel Darkly went to investigate...
Llandoger Trow © Bristol Record Office

Bristol's Haunted Pubs

Limping boys, Elizabethan girls and long-haired slaves are just some of the ghosts thought to be hanging around Bristol's oldest pubs. Travel Darkly investigates...
Ashton Court Mansion © Katherine Conlon

Ashton Court, Bristol, England

Headless horsemen, ghostly grey ladies and phantom hounds are all said to haunt the centuries-old Ashton Court in Bristol, so spooky the electricians wouldn't work there alone...