Sites of imprisonment and the stories of those imprisoned.

Gravensteen Castle and Torture Museum

Gravensteen Castle and Torture Museum, Ghent, Belgium

This medieval castle in the middle of Ghent was once used as a prison, where those locked up were subjected to various methods of torture to confess to their crimes. Travel Darkly visits the castle's torture museum for thumb screws, stretching racks and unhappy dioramas...
Haunted Spirits

Millbank Prison, PoMs and the Morpeth Arms, London

Millbank Prison, which once overlooked the Thames, housed convicts destined for Australia. The building was demolished to make way for Tate Britain but some cells remain beneath the Morpeth Arms. Travel Darkly went to investigate...
James Thompson, horse-stealer - chained to the floor and a spike iron collar placed around his neck to prevent him trying to escape AGAIN.

Ely Museum and Ely Bishop's Gaol, Ely, England

Ely Museum is situated in what was once the old Bishop's Gaol where prisoners were chained to the floor to stop them escaping. There's also a dead Roman soldier by the door. Travel Darkly went to take a look at this charming museum in Ely...
The execution poster of Sarah Thomas, 1849 © Bristol Record Office

New Gaol, Bristol, England

Huge crowds once gathered outside the gatehouse of Bristol's prison to see criminals hanged for their crimes. Travel Darkly visits what's left of the jail, located just behind Bristol harbourside...
Pendle Witches 4th Centenary

Lancaster Castle and the Pendle Witches

In August 1612 eleven people were sentenced at Lancaster castle to 'hang until they be dead.' They had been accused and found guilty of witchcraft. Travel Darkly went on the trail of the Pendle Witches visiting Pendle Hill, the Pendle Heritage Centre and Lancaster Castle...
Clifford's Tower daffodils © Glen Bowman

Clifford's Tower, York, England

In the twelfth century the Jewish community of York committed suicide in a tower which still stands in the centre of the city. Find out why and how to visit...