Cemeteries and memorials, including catacombs and crypts.

The Paris Catacombs, Paris

The remains of more than six million deceased Parisians lie beneath the city in what was once a quarry. Bones from cemeteries and charnel houses that had run out of space were reburied in the catacombs between 1786 and 1860.

Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol, England

This beautiful and tranquil cemetery in Bristol tells, among many others, the stories of medical discoveries and defeats. The graves there include those who succumbed to the cholera epidemic of 1849, as well as others who helped to prevent the deadly disease taking hold again...

Ashton Court, Bristol, England

Headless horsemen, ghostly grey ladies and phantom hounds are all said to haunt the centuries-old Ashton Court in Bristol, so spooky the electricians wouldn't work there alone...