Kray Twins East London Walking Tour

Travel Darkly's guide to Ronnie and Reggie Kray's East London, including their primary school, the infamous Blind Beggar pub and where you can find their graves...
Mary Kings Close Edinburgh Cover

The Real Mary King's Close, Edinburgh

A preserved 17th-century labyrinth under the streets of Edinburgh's Old Town, Travel Darkly visits the Real Mary King's Close to learn more about the stories of murder, plague and a creepy room filled with toys...
Early Police Museum illustration ILN 1883

The Crime Museum Uncovered, Museum of London

The Museum of London has worked with the Metropolitan Police to put previously unseen objects from Scotland Yard's grisly Crime Museum on display. Travel Darkly visits to find out more about some of these infamous artefacts and the stories around them...
Gravensteen Castle and Torture Museum

Gravensteen Castle and Torture Museum, Ghent, Belgium

This medieval castle in the middle of Ghent was once used as a prison, where those locked up were subjected to various methods of torture to confess to their crimes. Travel Darkly visits the castle's torture museum for thumb screws, stretching racks and unhappy dioramas...
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Dracula and St. John-at-Hampstead's Graveyard, London

Travel Darkly visits this atmospheric Hampstead graveyard and inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula, thought to be the setting where Lucy Westenra rises from her grave at night to feed upon children she finds on nearby Hampstead Heath...