Cromwell's Deathbed © Sophie Collard

Oliver Cromwell's House, Ely, England

Oliver Cromwell's family lived at what is now Oliver Cromwell's House before and during the English Civil War. As well as having excellent displays relating to the history of the period, it is supposedly haunted. Travel Darkly went to investigate...
Cromwell's head before it was buried at the chapel in Sidney Sussex College, with thanks to the college

Oliver Cromwell and Charles I London Execution Sites

Charles I was executed outside Banqueting House in London on 30th January 1649 after years of Civil War. Cromwell, on the orders of Charles II, was posthumously executed at Tyburn on the anniversary in 1661. We went to take a look at the execution locations in London and the place Cromwell's head is buried in Cambridge...
© Paul Koudounaris

The Capuchin Catacombs Palermo, Sicily, Italy

The catacombs in Palermo, Italy, are among the creepiest we've seen and visitors must beware; what's inside really isn't suitable for children. They house the bodies of preserved monks and wealthy Sicilians from a couple of centuries past, wearing the clothes they wished to be buried in...
© Simon Montgomery

Jack the Ripper Tour, London

Travel Darkly joins one of the Jack the Ripper tours around the East End of London, where five women were murdered during the 'Autumn of Terror' by a serial killer who has never been identified...
Paris Catacombs Skulls

The Paris Catacombs, Paris

The remains of more than six million deceased Parisians lie beneath the city in what was once a quarry. Bones from cemeteries and charnel houses that had run out of space were reburied in the catacombs between 1786 and 1860.